Hand with IV tube in it, being held by another hand

Once a diagnosis has been made, and cancer has been confirmed, the next part of the cancer journey is the treatment phase. The course of treatment is determined not only by the type and stage of cancer, but also by what treatments and services the patient chooses. What happens varies from patient to patient. Some may undergo one type of treatment, others a combination. Some might be placed in clinical drug trials. The process for treatment and recovery may take weeks, months, or years.

Individual treatment plans for patients are determined based on:

  • type of cancer
  • cancer’s characteristics
  • stage of cancer
  • personal situation and wishes

 It is important to note that two people with the same cancer may be given different treatment options. 

Side effects can occur with any type of treatment, but not everyone has them or experiences them in the same way. Side effects can occur during or after treatment, and are sometimes controlled using symptom management. 

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