Psychosocial/Spiritual Care

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What is Psychosocial Oncology?

Psychosocial oncology focuses on a whole-person approach to cancer care, addressing the social, psychological, emotional, spiritual and functional aspects of the patient journey through a multidisciplinary team and service providers from various care settings. The disciplines include: oncology, nursing, social work, nutrition, psychology, palliative care, psychiatry, rehabilitation, volunteer services, and spiritual care.

Cancer places a heavy emotional toll on patients and their families; psychosocial oncology is an essential service to improve the quality of life for people affected by cancer. Effectively managing the symptoms associated with cancer is one of the ways providers can help to reduce psychosocial and emotional distress. 

Psychosocial support is available at the London Regional Cancer Program and throughout the region.

For more information, contact:

Kim Crawford
Regional Psychosocial Oncology Lead, South West Regional Cancer Program
519-685-8600, ext. 53623 


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