Pathways & Guidelines

What are Pathways?

Pathways are a quality improvement tool for the Ontario cancer system. They are flowcharts that show a high-level overview of the care a cancer patient in Ontario should receive. Pathways focus on one type of cancer, during a specific phase of the cancer journey, with the understanding that the patient journey differs from one cancer to another.

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The following pathways have been developed by Cancer Care Ontario to guide cancer treatment in the province:

What are Guidelines?

Cancer Care Ontario's Program in Evidence-Based Care (PEBC) produces evidence-based guidance documents in partnership with clinical experts in all major cancer disease sites and across all clinical programs and modalities. Below are a list of PEBC guidelines:

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Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Side Effect Toolkit
The Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Toxicity Management Toolkit has been designed to help support individuals taking immune checkpoint inhibitor medications. These individuals may experience side effects that require urgent treatment, and this toolkit will help providers determine the best course of action.

Oncological Emergencies

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